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Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Yes, This is "Devil's Tower" in Wyoming. Although, I prefer the Native Amercian name "Bear Lodge". A very cool place, well worth the the one hour trip off the main highway.

I took this picture on my way to Colorado in 2007 for my first CSETI training.

Hello everyone:

My name is Deborah Warren, I have completed thirteen CSETI Ambassador to the Universe trainings:

  1. Crestone, Colorado 2007
  2. Mt. Shasta, California 2008
  3. Crestone, Colorado 2009
  4. Mt. Shasta, California 2009
  5. France 2010
  6. Wiltshire, UK 2010
  7. Crestone, Colorado 2011
  8. Mt. Shasta, California 2011
  9. Marco Island, Florida 2012
  10. Mt. Shasta, California 2012
  11. Joshua Tree, California 2014
  12. Yucca Valley, California 2015
  13. Oracle, Arizona 2017
  14. Mt. Shasta, California 2018

In addition, I was a member of the Port Coquitlam CSETI group from 1999-2001. Since July 2009, I have introduced about 2500 people to the CSETI protocols and guided about 850 people through their first skywatch.

When people talk about my ET contact activities, they usually like to add, "...and she teaches computer science at the college level." As if to say, "...look she knows about computers and so she's not crazy."

I just want to remind people that it is possible to know about computers and still be crazy. :-) .... I look forward to meeting you.

Yours truly,