Ropes of light are 'light-beings' - Courtenay, BC Canada July 2017

photo of a rope of light - a light 'being (April Dyck, 2017)
Painting of Deb Warren during CE5 - two light-beings came to look at the scarf and the camera on a tripod

April Dyck is an artist who paints oil paintings and lives in Courtenay, BC, Canada. She has seen orbs with the naked eye her entire life but has been afraid to talk about it with anyone. When her husband passed away in October 2017, she met with mutual friends and began doing CE5 contact. April's ET-related art has been featured on the Nicole Sakach Youtube channel:

Ufology, Art, and Music Panel 1 (Jan 2021) ... April's interview begins at 1 hour 36 minutes

In addition, April has many other phenomena happening that she is recording on this blog:
Energy Beams from Space (Jan 2020)

Starting in winter of July 2018, April began sending me some of the many photos she was taking of lights in the sky above her home. She was convinced that she was in contact with ETs. She would feel their "frequencies" go outside her house (day or night) and take pictures -- often there were anomalous lights recorded in these images.

I agreed to visit her in July of 2017, and offered to do the CE5 contact protocols with her. We were at the back of her property between the forest and the pond. During the meditation protocol, April observed a number of phenomena, including a portal opening up. She got up out of her seat and ran toward it to see what was happening -- this is actually quite dangerous and so I then focused my efforts making sure that we had a 'safe' event. At one point, April announced that there were two ETs near me, one was in front of me and the other was inspecting my SLR camera on a tripod. I took no action because I was continuing to maintain coherence (a meditative calm), so that the contact event could continue and safety would be maintained.

Weeks later, she painted this painting. She had told me they were light beings, and that she has also seen these her entire life. As it happened, before she told me my local group in the Okanagan had met, and I had observed brief flashes of a five foot stalk of electricity, that briefly flashed in and then out, about thirty feet away from our group. Twenty minutes later, a first-time attendee, observed a 'rope of light' right behind her friend ... I immediately thought that this was a better description of what I had seen ... a "rope of light".

The painting also includes a green silk scarf laying on the ground. This is meant to be a gift given to the ETs should they manifest in the physical -- like a diplomatic gift as we are called 'Ambassadors to the Universe'. In any case, I chose the silk scarf because the silk is made by an animal, the silkworm, that eats the leaves from a plant, the mulberry bush, and is woven by the hand of humans. It is the color green, because that is the color of 'growth' when light comes form the sun to our planet.

April told me the 'light beings' arrived to receive their gift. I did not see them, and so she is the one who would have had to make the presentation. Well? Better luck next time.