West Vancouver, British Columbia

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Starting in 2012, I decided to take the "ET Contact Show" on the road. Bought an RV, used the now defunct website
(the website used to be free but now you have to use the ET Contact App to find people in your area). One of the people who responded to my email lived in West Vancouver, BC ... a wealthy suburb of Vancouver, one that follows the shoreline below the North Shore mountains. She was a woman who ran her own business, and already had a group of friends who were interested in contacting ETs.

So my particular 'dog and pony show' included arriving around 6 pm, gettting set up for a 40 minute presentation that showed some of Greer's videos and devices (radar detector, tri-field meter, laser pointer), to orientate the participants as to what might happen. Then we journeyed to the field sight, arriving before sunset, got set up, usually finished by 11 pm, and then everyone went home (many had a one hour drive). That was usually enough of an experience for first time ET contact.

In the case of this event in West Vancovuer, I brought my dorje. When the hostess saw mine, she immediately showed me hers. Greer got a dorje, Emery Smith starting making dorje's and so I got one too, along with a Tibetan bell, and a rose-colored quartz sphere. In any case, all went well with the presentation we arrived at the field site, which was the beach below the cliffs of West Vancouver. Walking down a steep flight of stairs in need of repair we arrived at the beach, and got set up.

Once it got dark, I started my usual intridcutin to the mantra meditation introducing the concept of a merkahbah. Of which this group of people were thourourghly familiar. Two of the friends were woman who had smoked marijauna earlier before arriving at the event, and when in the darkness I drew the merkah bah with my finger in the air, then removed the finger -- both women exclaimed that the merkahbah persisted-- it was hanging in the air all by itself. I could not see it. We continued with the meditation and then the radar detector started signally ... there is no possible way that any laser signal from a police car radar instrument could have travelled down the cliff and reached my detector. It often happens that ETs begin signally with the electronic devices at a significant moment. The the two women who had previously seen the merkahbah hanging imid-air, began shouting that they could see Enlil and Enki standing in the water about 100 yeards from our location -- they were giants (time to brush up on your Sumerian cosmology?). Both women were alarmed but excited in a happy way. I just assumed they were still feeling the effects of smoking marijauna, and thus did not take it seriously. However, my radar detector did seem to announce the arrival of Enlil and Enki. We contniued on with the meditation and the closure of teh ceremony, trapsed back up the ricketly stairs. The friends decided it was too late for the one hour drive home and decided to bunk infor the night with the hostess.

The next day, I received these two photos of the dorje belonging to the hostess. Essentially, she 'got a message' to try balancing the dorje on a rock, and succeeded in doing so. I beleive this photo evidence was meant for me to take the reports of Enlil and Enki more seriously ... and I did so. Some commentators such as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt refers to the after-effects of ET contact as apootheum effects. I would include the evidence of the balancing dorje.

So my overall analysis od this event includes the possibility that this group of people are already following some esoteric practice, and they just wanted to add ETs to their repertoire ... which they succeeded in doing. In leading these events, I was comfortable with being "the expert" but during this event I was "the apprentice". I began to come to the following conclusion: Everyone wants to meet ETs but mostly, you are guaranteed to meet interesting people. In the final analysis, the only way to meet these interesting people is to do ... ET contact.

Enki - Sumerian God of Water:
Enlil: Sumerian god of everything else?