Same light, four nights July 2020 - Summerland, British Columbia

illustration of egg shaped ET craft - with a vertical beam in the centre

Rod Bauman works as a logger in the forests of British Columbia, Canada. In July 2020, he and three other witnesses, observed light ships on several occasions in the region of Summerland, a small town in the Okanagan Valley. Rod has some experience with the CE5 protocols of Steven Greer, and with another CE5 person, has experienced the usual variety of CE5 contact phenomena. In addition, Rod’s son has observed UFOs and Rod’s father (who is of Cree/Metis heritage) reported seeing UFOs in the skies of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan in the 1950s. Rod’s father helped build the access road Isintok-McNulty Road. Rod and his father hunted, fished and camped in the area during Rod’s childhood.

Two years ago, at sunset, Rod was on the deck of the house of his ex-wife. In the distance, a shining “jet” seemed to stop in one place. Then gray/silver, egg-shaped pods came out of it, and floated around it. Pods went back in then the “jet” disappeared. The duration of the event was about 5 minutes. The sun was down but the rays of sunlight still made the metal shine. The location of the “jet” was Southwest of Summerland above the forested hills – near the location of all the other sightings mentioned here. The ex-wife of Rod also witnessed the event.

July 4, 2020
Again, Rod was on the deck of the house of his ex-wife. In the distance, a surface is reflecting gray-silver light. It was above the forest, and was a square shape. Then round things came off of it and each was a difference colour: red, yellow and blue. Stormy clouds were coming over the object and in 3 minutes the clouds covered it. When Rod holds his hands at arm’s length the square object would have measured about 1 / 2 inch in length.

July 16, 2020
Rod was located out at a trailer in the bush, about a 1.5 hour drive west of Summerland, following a number of logging roads (Isintok-McNulty road goes about half way to Princeton – another town). This is his work site, west of Isintok Mountain (see map below), and he locates the trailer there, at a forestry camp site, to reduce his daily commute. Rod’s ex-wife was visiting. Rod’s son, who is 29 years old, and the son’s girlfriend were also visiting Rod, with the intent of staying overnight. The trees surrounding their site were about 80 feet high, and so they had a small view of the sky.

Rod said to his son, “Look at that jet with no jet trail.” But Rod admitted that he knew what it was … not a jet. My son said, “Dad, that’s a UFO. It looks like an RV in the sky.” -- square, rectangular. Eight things came off of it. All four people witnessed it. The object did not stop, but slowed down a bit and then sped away. It was about 70 degrees in the sky, came out of the west and was heading southeast. A very brief sighting but everyone saw it. On another occasion, his son had seen a disc-shaped UFO while out driving with his friend – the disc just sat there in one position. At the time, his friend was scared.

July 17, 2020
At the same location as the previous night, the sky was dark by about 10 pm. All four people were out by the campfire. In the distance, an object 10 times brighter than a satellite beams a light from its location above the forest, the light is beamed down to the ground. This object was egg shaped and had an aura, there was beam of light coming out of the top and bottom. It came toward the group but remained behind the trees. Then it began to move away from the group, slowly dropping in the sky. In the darkness, the aura was white, not yellow as it is in the sample diagram below. It moved to an area of clear sky and shot off at a rapid speed. It had approached from the south, moved east in front of the hill (Mt. Isintok 1925 meters / 6300 ft) then went northeast toward the clear sky, then shot off at high rate of speed.
The three people visiting Rod moved away from the campfire to get a better view. When Rod moved to join them, the lights of the object went off and it was gone. The entire event was about 5 minutes. This time the people were more interested and more excited about the sighting.

July 18, 2020
It came back again for another night, around 9:30 pm. Rod was in bed at the time and did not see it but his son saw it. The son’s girlfriend saw it as well. This time it did not seem like a big deal.

Other related 'high strangeness reports:
At 12:30 am at night, Rod’s 29 year old son has sighted a being that was about 15 feet tall, on the other side of the Ashnola River (near the PowWow Ground in nearby Keremeos – another small town). Both he and his girlfriend saw the eyes of the being in the dark, as it then turned around and walked away.
FYI … on July 26, 2020 at 1:30 pm, while sitting at Harker’s Coffee stand in Cawston, Rod and friend, sighted three orbs come down from the sky in a straight line and enter the orchard nearby. The orbs were about 200 yards away. I saw two of them.