ET Photo at Oracle, AZ in 2017 - healed Ed Moen of his 50 year hearing impairment

In my blog I have photo of "David" ... he was a cameraman from Hollywood (see my blog entry above). He had spent most of the field exercise, fiddling with his advanced cameras. Steven Greer asked me to give him some guidance on getting photos. I repeated the same advice given to me by:

Emery Smith
(his photo LightBeing at Boca Raton, Florida 2010
and Raven Nablusi
(her photo of Bijou at Josuha Tree, CA 2009 - ).

Their advice is as follows. Try to be pure-hearted. Try to NOT be greedy about getting the photo.
Before taking the photo, ask for permission from the ETs... permission to record their image. Wait for a confirmation, then take the photo, the camera set to hold the shutter open a few seconds. Later in the week, "David" finally gave up on his advanced cameras and just started using a digital camera, and then he got this photo.

No one in our group of about 25 people saw the ET in white robe with a sash, with a big flesh covered head. "David" did not see it. He just waited for the message to take the photo, then and only then did he take the photo. The ET being may have 'flashed' in for just an instant so that the camera could record the image, but too fast for the human eye. I was there in the group. I saw the photo soon after it was taken. I made sure that Steven Greer saw it right away. David circled the entire group and shown each person the image he had recorded.

The next day, when we met for the lecture at 2 pm. Ed Moen told us his story of being healed of his hearing problem and no longer needing the hearing aids he had used for the past 50 years. He sobbed openly as he told us his story. The story is also told in the CSETI documentary: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (2020)