Chateuabriant, Brittany France / Woodbourough Hill, Wiltshire (2010)

Purple blob above the corn field transition to ro from transdimensional
Golden light in the distance Woodbourgh hill, Wiiltshire UK CSETI training 2010

I went to my first CSETI training in Crestone Colorado in 2007. At that time, Greer maintained that a Euripean govenrment was inviting him to come and do CE5. They wanted their military to flly monitor all that happened. As Greer was speaking he would not name the country, but I immediately intuited that it was the nation of France. So in 2010, when he announce the 3 day CE5 in France to be held in July, I signed up immediately. This is the only kind of event that could get me to endure the 11 flight to Europe.

I arrived five days early, and saw as much of Paris as I wanted to see. It was inthe middle of a very muggy heatwave, and the electricity in France is so expensive that they do nto believe in AC. This problem continued when we reached the village of Chateaubriant. I mostly took many cold baths during the day. Among the first to arrrive, I was assigned a very grand apartment, with very tall windows just above the hotel lobby. I was afarid to keep the windows open at night, not becuase of ETs but due to the possibility that bats might fly in.

Greer complained constantly about the heat. One of the side effects about ET contact, is that just thinking or talking about them can raise your internal temperature as you begin to resonate energetically with them. A portable AC was purchased just for him and his wife Emily, and connected to the window of his apartment.

In any case, the real news is that there were many observations of ET activity. Observed by all? The headlights of the cars parked at the field site, strating go on and off all be themselves. The French airforce detected UFO going overhead at 200,000 km per hour. An admiral of the French Navy was present amoung our group. Our devices, radar detectors and trifield meters gave unusual patterns of noises not heard previous, and for extended epriods of time. I myself observed the following:

As the sun was setting around 10 pm, diamond points of light showered down in front of trees about 200 yeards away, above the cornfield. I yelped and otehrs turned in time to see the final diamonds falling down -- a ET ship coming in trans-dimensional, and then going into the ground.
About 20 minutes later, someone else yelped and I looked just in time over the same cornfield, to see what look like a gray metal flag falling into the ground. That one must have been a gray metal disc going trans-dimensional just before it entered the ground.
At one point, while the break was happening, Greer reported that he had merged with an ET, and could detect a heartbeat that was separate from his own. He held the Tri-field down low, and the needle seemed to move in concert with a heart beat. This was the first time for this. Subsequently, I observed many manifestations of this phenomena.
The photo of the purple blob was taken by Emery Smith. I am not sure that he saw it, more likely Greer indicated that it was there, and he took the photo. It represents another ET craft arriving, hovering over the cornfield and then going trans-dimensional.

Visiting the crop circles was an obsession of mine since the complicated patterns started showing up in 1991. If you are aware of a book by Robert Anton Wilson called "Cosmic Trigger", then THAT is what happened to me. I became obsessed with crop circles, and was thus launched into the woo-woo world of UFOs, ET Contact and other esoterica. While in the UK, by day we drove to different crop circles where Greer delivered his lectures, back to the Holdiay Inn Hotel in Amesbury for dinner ... then out to a different field site each night. Very loud, noisy Britsh military helicopters often flew over us or near our group, sometimes all their navigation lights were off -- very odd, and unsafe!. With my Sony night vision camera I pretended to take video of them as they passed us.

I observed Emery Smith getting many many photos, and that is when I decided to get my own digital SLR (a Canaon 5D Mark 2). The second photo was from Woodbourough Hill in Wiltshire, located in the middle of a farm owned by the Royal Family. Greer made apoint of askign Prince Charles and the renters of the farm for permission to do CE5. The offspring of the farmers insisted on making fun us by launching floating lanterns - chinese flying sky lanterns. In any case, teh golden ball of energy you see in the photo is NOT a lantern. We saw many of them.

Once the CSETI training ended after 5 days, I stayed another five days, and used Google maps and Facebook to find new crop circles ( ) ... and survived the harrowing experience of driving on the wrong side of the road, on narrow country roads with no shoulder. I am lucky to be alive, and I do not think I could do it again. But it was one thing checked off my bucket list!