Marco Island - Florida April 2012

Piezo-electric effects on the sand of Tiger-Tail beach (Emery Smith, 2012)
A ribbon of light going towards a person kneeling in a group of others Boca Raton beach, Florida.(Emery Smith, 2010)

April of 2012 - Marco Island, Florida - on the break at 11 pm at night, Emery Smith called out to me. He had just taken a photo of an ET ship coming out of the Gulf waters ... the shutter was open for a few seconds, and the track across the night sky was a dashed line. Then Ricky Butterfass who was behind called out. He had seen the ship exit the water, "That ship that just came out of the water has landed near us, in the shrubs. ETs are coming out of the ship."

Most of us in the group of 22 people did not see this, and could not see the subtle energies of the ET ship, or the beings. But Steven Greer could see them. We were instructed to stay put in the group and not move toward the shrubbery. About 100 feet away, Steven Greer walked into the shrubbery, making the CSETI triangle arrangement with his hands (as a sign of peaceful welcome to the ETs), knelt down on his knees, and held his arms wide as he welcomed the ETs who were manifesting. The entire group began to witness, piezo-electric effects on the white sand, underneath the shrubs. This was localized to the area where Greer was positioned, and was not happening anywhere else in our wide view of Tiger-tail beach.

After about 20 minutes, Greer gave the group permission to approach but we had to sit/stand or kneel on the white sand next to the shrubs. We were not allowed to enter the shrubbery area. Greer was now standing about 10 feet away. I began to meditate, and asked for the ETs to go completely physical into 3D. I got the message that this would not happen. One pregnant woman in our group was hyperventilating. The piezo-electric effects continued randomly. I saw a three foot tall shower of red and gold sparks appear and then disappear, very near to where Greer was standing.

Soon there were 22 people sitting on the sand, at the edge of the shrubs. I was slightly into the shrubs... forming a L position. Then a ribbon of light, about five inches across (with a rib in the middle), 2.5 feet above the ground, came right in front of the group, and shot into the heart chakra of one woman at the end of the line. Everyone saw it. And it looked very much like the photo taken at Boca Raton Beach in 2010 (also taken by Emery Smith). I myself have taken these photos at ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, WA ... but have discarded them not knowing they were significant. The woman who received the light into her heart chakra said, "I just wanted to hug them." She is the adult daughter, of a person who was part of the Clinton administration.

This happened on the the second night, of the week long CSETI training. On each of the remaining nights, as we walked on to the beach at night, I noticed subtle piezo-electric flourishes, that seemed to welcome us.


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