Joshua Tree, California

a photo depicting five lights of different colours spread across the night sky
jeweled ship transition to or from a hyper-jump

My blog reviews the details of this sighting, with several photos taken while this collection of lights 'hyper-jumped' around a military aircraft, about every 15 seconds:
The odd circumstances, started with us being in a group meditation, Steven Greer turning on his laser and circling the sky above the horizon to the east. Reluctantly, I got up from the meditation and went to the camera and pointed at the light on the horizon, that I expected was a military aircraft, from one of the many bases surrounding Joshua Tree National Park. Our group was located in a parking lot on Geology Tour Road.

I only saw the light of the military aircraft, and followed it for about 15 minutes as it went to the southern horizon. Then I stopped and returned to the meditation. Ordinarily, I would never disrupt a meditation like this, because the clicking of a digital SLR camera is too distracting for the meditators. I did not see the photos of the 'jeweled craft' until I reviewed the photos after the meditation, and I was able to zoom in of the photos. I immediately showed them to Greer from my camera LCD, and then circled the group showing the photo.

For the remainder of the week, I kept wondering why I had not seen the craft originally, and also reminded myself that this was maybe not an ET craft, but an ARV -- alien reproduction vehicle ( a copy of crashed UFO built by humans). Then on the very last night, at the very end of the week, we were all standing in a circle. I was looking up and facing the southern sky ... suddenly the ' jeweled ship' blipped in for just a second and then disappeared. It was as though the ETs wanted to confirm for me personally, that it was indeed an ET craft.