Oracle, AZ - May 2017

At night, a 3D sphere travels through a laser light
CSETI - ET named Kindness, her ship and small companion ship

This was THE training where I focused on being pure-hearted and asking the ET for permission to record them. I would often point the camera, focus on infinity and then wait for an ET message that said, "Take the photo now." I took hundreds of photos, only a few had images of interest. The camera shutter was open for four seconds, and recorded a series of ghost images in the laser light.
I am most happy with the photo of the "Kindness" ship and a small companion ship that looked like a coffee bean. I saw nothing, pointed camera at the sky, as Greer said that the ET named Kindness was in the sky (he circled the sky with his laser, I then pointed the camera and took the photo). I was puzzled by the small companion ship, and then Greer explained that there was often a small companion ship with Kindess' ship.

I felt that I had finally succeeded in replicating the procedure used by Emery Smith and Raven Nablusi to get the photos. Furthermore, David M. got an amazing photo of a ET standing behind Ed Moen... see Ten Best entry for #10.