Lumby BC

This was the first ET contact event for most of the people who attended. At first we started inside a yurt, and several people immediately saw the 3 foot high 'wavy' energy pattern that indicates the presence of ET. Someone got the message that our group was supposed to be outside the yurt, and so we moved. where we stayed until about 11 pm at night.

For me, the most important part of the evening, was they way in different persons in the circle were each getting a piece of a message, and the whole group was meant to piece the messages together - like we were being 'taught' to function as a coherent group. I would get the message, that a person could stand in the middle of the circle, and an ET would interact with them. A person would go into the circle, and then LOIS would say, move 6 inches to the left. As soon as the person did this, they would report being in contact with the ET and the entire group would feel a surge of energy circle around the group.

In addition, several people in the group had had life-long health challenges. While sitting in the group, they went into an altered state and reported that they were receiving healing. At the end of the night, these people were very unsteady on their feet, and had to receive assistance to walk to their cars. I have witnessed that same process in several CSETI trainings ... sometimes people receive initiations into the siddhi powers. At a Crestone, Colorado training in 2011, my 'buddy' for the night was a woman who was suddenly able to see our entire surroundings ... when her eyes were completely closed. She was also unsteady on her feet and had to receive help if she wanted to get up from her chair.

Epilogue: Lois Gueret attended a Quester's conference in Salmon Arm BC (Sept 23-25, 2011). On the Saturday, on a lark, I requested the presence of ETs to interfere with remarks that a speaker was making. Lois saw the ETs enter the back of the room , and then fade away once they had complied with my request. Lois then told me on Sunday morning what had happened. The following Tuesday, Sept 27, Lois was back in Lumby, BC just coming out of her morning shower when she saw an adult version of the Atacama humanoid standing on her window ledge. See the Sirius Documentary (2013):
She laughed, and said out loud, "Well you blow the idea of fairies all to hell." The 12 inch being laughed too, and then faded away. A few weeks later, Lois told me about this experience ... it was they say in the movie, Casablanca ... the beginning of a beautiful friendship