Sand Flats on Mt Shasta, California

On the highway up to the top parking lot of Mt Shasta, about half way up is the turnoff for Sand Flats, a very rough road leads you into the dry lake bed that is surrounded by wilderness campsites. This area is very active for UFO phenomena. I myself have seen:

golden orb pop in and out above the tree tops
diamond point of light pop in and out above the treetops
firey exit of a UFO from the peak of Mt Shasta
a twirling triangle shaped ship, spiral down into the forest floor about 1/4 mile away, with incendiary fireworks following, when it hit the ground, a broad dome of white light, seemed to 'boom out', twice in rapid succession but there was no sound
Others have seen ... on the customary 'pee break' one CSETI trainee wandered to the forest in the distance... he saw a firey ball come down through the treetops and roll along the forest floor, when it stopped a small being came out and hid behind a tree. The being had a twig-like structure for a nose, looking somewhat like 'Gonzo' the Muppet. The CSETI trainee reported that it was very shy and did not want to come out from behind the tree.

The above image of a disc with a small antenna on top was taken originally in Australia and is the best image I have seen of a classic disc-craft. I did not record this photo but this image is what I saw through my night vision binoculars during the 2009 CSETI training in Sand Flats. As the security event unfolded, I was required to get out my night vision binocular, turn on the infra-red spotlight, and monitor a vehicle that had just driven in and parked near our cars at 10:30 pm at night. Often, the locals will try to disrupt a CSETI event. These binocs are meant for fish and game wardens trying to monitor poachers on the river, and the spotlight goes about 1500 feet.

All of a sudden, the infra-red signal in the binoculars lit up with a vision of a large triangle shape coming down near the car, followed by the familiar incendiary fireworks. There was no sound. Then Greer said, "An ET ship has just landed near that car that just came in." Greer was probably using his own military-grade night vision (i.e. third generation), and I realized at that moment that I had just seen the same ship. The ships come in as non-physical/transdimensional and enter the ground.

Ordinarily, I am not permitted to use my first generation night vision on a CSETI training, because the IR spotlight needs to be turned on. But we have IR video cameras recording everything, and my spotlight makes things too bright for the video cameras. But the security person specifically asked us to monitor the car and occupants and thus, I did so.

Greer called for a bio-break, and he walked out of the lake bed to water the plants. While doing this he noted a red laser sight being driected at him from somewhere in the forested hill above. He returned to the group, 35 people packed up, and made a mad dash down the mountain to our secondary sight. White surveillance SUVs located Greer's vehicle and tried to follow, but he managed to lose them. We managed to get set up at the secondary site by 11:30 am. Once set up, the videographer (Raven Nablusi's husband at the time), saw the ET ship leave Sand Flats, and shoot across the sky. Almost everyone in our group, saw the gold and red shower of sparks as it crossed the sky. The video had recorded the ship launching from Sand Flats ... and this few seconds of video appears in one of Greer's documentaries. I was there.