Chateuabriant, Brittany France / Woodbourough Hill, Wiltshire (2010)

Purple blob above the corn field transition to ro from transdimensional
Golden light in the distance Woodbourgh hill, Wiiltshire UK CSETI training 2010

I went to my first CSETI training in Crestone Colorado in 2007. At that time, Greer maintained that a Euripean govenrment was inviting him to come and do CE5. They wanted their military to flly monitor all that happened. As Greer was speaking he would not name the country, but I immediately intuited that it was the nation of France. So in 2010, when he announce the 3 day CE5 in France to be held in July, I signed up immediately. This is the only kind of event that could get me to endure the 11 flight to Europe.

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Ropes of light are 'light-beings' - Courtenay, BC Canada July 2017

photo of a rope of light - a light 'being (April Dyck, 2017)
Painting of Deb Warren during CE5 - two light-beings came to look at the scarf and the camera on a tripod

April Dyck is an artist who paints oil paintings and lives in Courtenay, BC, Canada. She has seen orbs with the naked eye her entire life but has been afraid to talk about it with anyone. When her husband passed away in October 2017, she met with mutual friends and began doing CE5 contact. April's ET-related art has been featured on the Nicole Sakach Youtube channel:

Ufology, Art, and Music Panel 1 (Jan 2021) ... April's interview begins at 1 hour 36 minutes

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